What is Stealth Strategies Open House?

It is very simple our main goal with our marketing efforts is to push more people to your open houses and in return get you in touch with more buyers or potential buyers. We are able to do this, by geo-targeting a group of around 5k individuals and families within a certain radius of your open house. After we locate the lot of potentials, we then send them a friendly text message either the night before or morning of your open house, letting them know precise directions, times, and even a link to showcase the house you are selling.

What link are you sending out?

Simply put we purchase a domain that resembles your open house address for example if your open house is located at 123 Front Street, Chicago, IL 60606; we will purchase a domain 123frontstreet.com (This is an active example site. Take a look).

What is the cost and what exactly am I getting?

The cost is $500 per listing (Open House)

The following is included in the cost:

  • 5 thousand Geo-Targeted records of people within a 10 mile radius of your next open house
  • 5 thousand text messages to those people notifying them of the open house and landing site
  • We purchase a domain based on the address of the open house
  • 1 page landing site which includes address, photos you provide, descriptions (square footage, bedrooms, pricing, etc), map, and signup form
  • Your logo will be posted to the landing page. This increases your brand recognition for potential buyers
  • Signup form is linked to an online portal that you have access to, or we can export to excel at the end of the weekend for you to call on Monday. (** These are potential buyers who maybe did not have time to make it to the open house or want to schedule a private tour of this or other properties)

What results can I expect to get?

Although the results from this campaign can vary, we always see an increase in traffic to our realtor's open houses. Match that with the signups from the landing page and you have a recipe for success. As a realtor your job is to sell houses and as your marketer our job is to target a specific audience. We will help you sell homes as quickly as possible.