Local Business Verification

This allows prospects and customers to find your business if they are near your location.


Online visibility is vital for every business. Together we can achieve high search engine ranking for your company

Customized Marketing

We create marketing plans that fit into our customers needs.

Unique Design

When we create websites, we include strong CTA buttons, with simple and effective design.

Digital Marketing

The new age of marketing is done online and with our approach we make it possible to reach more customers.

Our Sites

These are a few of the landing pages we drive traffic to. These pages are custom built to fit our clients needs. We have experience with various mediums, but our goal is always the same - maximizing your target audience for the campaign.

Our Services

Email Marketing

Email marketing is great for building your Audience. By turning your website visitors into subscribers we are able to monetize your traffic and keep your current and future customers connected with your company.

  • Custom Email Marketing Plan
  • Custom Newsletter
  • Email platform with advanced statistics
  • Increased email deliverability
  • Contact Management
  • Email Scheduling to increase open and click through rates
  • Customized autoresponders
  • Easy integration with html into already existing form

Direct Mail

A strategic and adaptive direct mail marketing campaign can help your business stand out and get an edge on the competition. It creates a sense of immediacy that engages your audience. At Stealth Marketing Group, we work with clients to achieve real results through direct mail.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Define your Audience
  • Cost Effective
  • Conversions
  • Strategic

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing is a great way to increase social engagement with your brand. Our goal is to engage your followers on a consistent basis and create more visibility and loyalty.

  • Posting on all platforms
  • Monitoring of all platforms to respond to comments, messages, and posts
  • Engage followers and increase traffic to your website
  • Custom content creation
  • Increase real and relevant followers
  • Targeted advertising to increase website clicks, leads, and sales


PPC marketing is a way to jump to the head of the line in google, bing and yahoo. It is much faster in generating leads than SEO, because with the right budget you can obtain immediate results and high visibility for even the most competitive and lucrative keywords.

  • Positive and Negative Keyword research and analysis
  • Adwords management
  • Competitor research
  • Create custom adwords campaigns
  • Bing and yahoo ads
  • High campaign ROI
  • SEO Insights
  • Improving your sales performance

Data Analytics and Management

Our goal is to analyze and track our customers key business metrics. We give you visual analysis of what your company is doing and who your perfect customer is.

  • Build key metrics
  • Data blending
  • Quick insights
  • Connect to many different sources of data
  • Sales forecasting
  • Location analytics
  • Customized autoresponders
  • Easy integration with html into already existing form

Blog Writing and Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practive of creating high-value content for your target audience to attract and engage them. It should be a core component of your marketing strategy. When companies provide consistent, valuable information to their customers, they build brand loyalty and drive business.

  • Name Recognition
  • Increased Reach
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Image Development
  • Customer Development
  • High Quality Content

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services can help your business grow by focusing on higher search engine rankings, quality web traffic, and measurable results. We pride ourselves on providing our customers ethical and result driven SEO services.

  • In depth Site Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Blogging
  • Higher Rankings
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customized SEO strategy
  • Continued Optimization
  • Keyword monitoring

Website Design

We believe in maximizing the marketing power of your website. Our experts create brand new and attractive websites for our customers that are optimized for marketing to start increasing sales and monetizing their web traffic.

  • Attractive Design
  • Fully Responsive
  • User Friendly
  • Additional Features
  • A wide range of Photos and art for use
  • Mobile Site Optimized

Website Analytics

Analytics tracking is the biggest influencer of digital marketing success. From click-to-close, your traffic is giving you opportunities to track, model and predict your potential customers behavior.

  • Detailed Reporting
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Modeling
  • Clik and Heat Map Tracking
  • Goal and Event Tracking